WWW Wednesday | 12th May 2021

What is WWW Wednesday?

This weekly meme is originally hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and all you have to do is answer 3 simple questions that represents each W:

What are you currently reading?

What have you recently finished reading?

What do you plan to read next?

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading 4 books: 1 science-fiction, 2 fantasy and 1 contemporary. To be completely honest, I’m not very motivated with the first 3 books, but I’m still going to read them even if I take more time to finishe them. So here’s what I’m currently reading:

  1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
    This book was borrowed from a good friend who told me she loved the story. I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated by this book not only because it is over 800 pages, but it’s genre is science-fiction (which I’m not the biggest fan of). I’m trying to keep an open mind while reading this, but I’m still a bit intimidated. I also picked this book as a challenge for this month just because I would probably struggle a bit… but I have faith in myself, so fingers crossed!
  2. A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas
    I’m still reading this one and I admit I lost a bit of interest in the story. I don’t know if my enthusiasm died a bit or the story slowed down to the point that I’m not that interested anymore, but I’m reading it VERY slowly. I need to finish this to pick the next book in the series that is on my TBR for this month!
  3. Descendant of the Crane by Joan He
    This book was calling me and I answered. The bad thing is that I haven’t paid too much attention to it yet. I haven’t made a lot of progress, but I promise I’ll be more commited and I’ll give it more love from now on!
  4. The Good Girls by Claire Eliza Bartlett
    I just recently started this and I still don’t have a lot of thoughts about it. But I think this will be a fairly easy book to go through since the chapters are so short. I hope the story is good!

What have you recently finished reading?

I’ve read some amazing books these past days! Here’s 3 I finished recently:

  1. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden: 6/5⭐
    The best book I have ever read. There, I said it. I recently read this and I felt so sad when the story ended because I didn’t want it to end. I frantically searched for more books from the same author, but unfortunately he didn’t write any more complete novels. I’m so happy I read this book and I know I’ll reread it for the rest of my life.
  2. Little Darlings by Melanie Golding: 3.5/5⭐
    This was… disturbing. But I honestly like the story a lot. The motherhood aspect in this book is something I will never forget… as well as the creepy moments!
  3. The Night Swim by Erin Morgenstern: 4.25/5⭐
    I knew this was marked as a thriller but it was way darker than I thought it would be. I felt incredibly sad after reading this book, but I don’t regret it. It’s really good and it deals with very serious topics that are worth talking about. Highly recommend it.

What do you plan to read next?

  1. If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin
    This is on my priority TBR list! I want to read this book so badly… but I need to be patient and finish some of my current reads first. 🙂
  2. Sunkissed by Kasie West
    I mean… it’s a Kasie West book, what else would you expect from me. I devour Kasie West’s books like no man’s business and this one will not be an exception. I’ll definitely be reading it soon.

What about you guys? What are you planning to read, currently reading and have read lately? Let me know! And if you did a WWW Wednesday, comment the link so I can check yours out!

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


Review | Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

“Look at someone every day for long enough and you stop seeing what everyone else sees. You start to see what no one else sees, what is kept hidden from most people.” 3.5/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: rivers, creepy ladies, newborns, depression, folk tales, motherly love, CCTV footage, good police officers and a set of interesting twins.

After a traumatic birth, Lauren is alone on the maternity ward with her newborn twins. Her husband has gone home. The nurses are doing their rounds. She can’t stop thinking about every danger her babies now face. But all new mothers think like that. Don’t they?

A terrifying encounter in the middle of the night leaves Lauren convinced someone or something is trying to steal her children. But with every step she takes to keep her babies safe, Lauren sinks deeper and deeper into paranoia and fear. From the stark loneliness of returning home after birth, to the confines of a psychiatric unit, Lauren’s desperation increases as no one will listen to her. But here’s the question: is she mad, or does she know something we don’t?

Loosely inspired by the ghostly folktale The Brewery of Eggshells, where a mother becomes convinced her twins are in danger, Little Darlings offers a fresh perspective on modern motherhood, postnatal psychosis and the roles women play. It has always been thus: folk tales do not spring from whimsy; they warn us and teach us, and speak to the fear in us all.

After seeing this book everywhere on Instagram, I knew I had to pick it up! I honestly didn’t love it as much as I thought I would, but I still enjoyed it for what the story was. 

It’s not the kind of thriller that will keep you on the edge the entire time, but I admit there were some scenes there that made me shiver – especially with the things the twins did… yikes!

The writing is good and the pacing was okay. It’s an easy book to follow and there are not a lot of characters to keep up with. I really liked Lauren and the female officer – they were definitely my favorite characters. They were so strong and loving in their own individual way. And for some reason, I really didn’t like Lauren’s husband – well, I do know why, but you’ll have to read to know why I don’t like him!

One thing that really stood out for me from this story was the motherhood aspect. I think the author did an amazing job describing the feeling of love and protection over the babies. I don’t have kids of my own, but I could feel her love, pain and struggles as a new mother. I can only imagine how troubling it must be to read this thriller as a mother!

Overall, I liked it. I think maybe the popularity of the book gave me expectations that weren’t met in the end for me… but I did enjoy it.


Review | Under the Lights (The Field Party #2) by Abbi Glines

“In life you face obstacles, and you have to fight through them. If you’re lucky enough, you find someone to fight for you, too. I was lucky.” 4/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, heritages, tree houses, family secrets, stolen kisses, elite families, broken homes, bad decisions, sweet grandmas, grief and love triangles.

In the follow-up to Abbi Glines’s #1 New York Times bestseller Until Friday Night—three teens from a small southern town are stuck in a dramatic love triangle.

Willa can’t erase the bad decisions of her past that led her down the path she’s on now. But she can fight for forgiveness from her family. And she can protect herself by refusing to let anyone else get close to her.

High school quarterback and town golden boy Brady used to be the best of friends with Willa—she even had a crush on him when they were kids. But that’s all changed now: her life choices have made her a different person from the girl he used to know.

Gunner used to be friends with Willa and Brady, too. He too is larger than life and a high school football star—not to mention that his family basically owns the town of Lawton. He loves his life, and doesn’t care about anyone except himself. But Willa is the exception—and he understands the girl she’s become in a way no one else can.

As secrets come to light and hearts are broken, these former childhood friends must face the truth about growing up and falling in love…even if it means losing each other forever.

Since I like this type of YA books, this was another good read for me. I usually go for more romantic books like the first book in this series, but I’m loving this series and how different the books are. 

The books in this series are companion novels, which means they are placed in the same universe but each book focuses on different individuals within the group of characters. This is one of my favorite formats because I like to see how different the characters are and how they all interact. It’s still a romance book, but not like the first one. This story is way more complex than the first one. Both main characters have a lot going on!

This book has a love triangle, which made it very interesting, but I’m thinking about how unnecessary it was. The story would have been perfectly fine without it.

I wish there was a more complete conclusion to the story. At least one more chapter or an epilogue to describe a bit better what happened in the end. But it honestly doesn’t bother me that much.

I’m loving revisiting these books! They are perfect for a binge reading session.


Review | We Are the Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian

“Team first, always.” 2.75/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: injuries, cupcakes, hockey sticks, hair dye, text messages, photographs, parties, varsity jerseys, cute bulldogs, sleepovers, practice and championships.

Tomorrow, the Wildcat varsity field hockey squad will play the first game of their new season. But at tonight’s team sleepover, the girls are all about forging the bonds of trust, loyalty, and friendship necessary to win.

Everything hinges on the midnight initiation ceremony—a beloved tradition and the only facet of being a Wildcat that the girls control. Until now.

Coach—a handsome former college player revered and feared in equal measure—changes the plan and spins his team on a new adventure. One where they take a rival team’s mascot for a joyride, crash a party in their pajamas, break into the high school for the perfect picture.

But as the girls slip out of their comfort zone, so do some long-held secrets. And just how far they’re willing to go for their team takes them all—especially Coach—by surprise.

A testament to the strength and resilience of modern teenage girls, We Are the Wildcats will have readers cheering.

I feel like this book could be really good, but I’m honestly a bit disappointed.

For starters, the concept for this book is a bit weird. This story is about a team of teenage hockey players that work together to fight their abusive coach. That sounded so specific, but I honestly didn’t care about that too much when I first picked it up because I love reading books about sports and team spirit.

When I first started reading this, I felt confused (and incredibly bored, but I’ll get to that in a minute). In this book we have six different points of view from six different girls on the team. The thing is, they are all teenage girls who play hockey, so it was really difficult to not mix them all up in the first half of the book. Sure, they all have different stories and backgrounds, but in the beginning you don’t know everyone that well, so that makes reading difficult for the first chapters. I personally think two or three points of view were more than enough – or even no points of view, just narrated in third person would work perfectly fine.

I really liked all the characters in this, especially all the girls in the team. It was really nice to see them supporting each other and their devotion to the team was very inspiring. Can’t complain about the characters, I was very happy with everyone!

A big thing that contributed to me not loving this book was the pacing. It’s so incredibly slow that I considered DNFing this five times. I get that the author was maybe trying to give some context about each girl’s life to the reader, but it was too much. Since there are so many points of view, she wrote a lot about each girl instead of focusing on the story, and unfortunately the first half to two thirds of the book, there is nothing interesting happening.

On a positive note, it does get a bit better. I’m glad I didn’t DNFed this book, because I got into the story after about halfway through the book.

Which brings me to the grand finale. I just started to feel invested in the story, and then you get THAT ending. I was so disappointed with the way the book ends. It just felt incomplete and I wish there was a continuation to the team’s final decision. I wish there were less pages about background story and more of actual story development.Overall I was a bit disappointed with this book. If you want to pick up a Siobhan Vivian book, I would recommend Stay Sweet from the same author. There is also a “team” of girls working together, but in a different setting… I personally liked that one better!


Wrap-Up | What I Read in April 2021

Hi guys! I hope you’re doing well 🙂

I have never done wrap up posts before, but I think it makes sense to do them since I already share with you what I’m planning to read each month. So today I’m bringing exactly that: all the books I read this past month!

My reading habits are not linear and most of the times I end up reading random books I wasn’t planning to read – that’s what you do when you’re a mood reader – so I’ll be sharing all my planned and unplanned reads!

So let’s start with the books I was planning to read in April! Here are the books from my April TBR:

As you can see, I read:

  1. A Cloud Can Weigh a Million Pounds by A.D. Stephenson: 3⭐
  2. Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace #1) by M.J. Arlidge: 4.25⭐
  3. Horrid by Katrina Leno: 3.75⭐
  4. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: 5⭐
  5. Namesake (Fable #2) by Adrienne Young: 4⭐

So from all the books I planned on reading this month, I read 5 of 6, which I think was really good! I haven’t finished A Court of Wings and Ruins by Sarah J. Maas yet, just because I’m not in the mood to finish it right now. I’m hoping I’ll finish it in May, as well as the next book in the series, A Court of Frost and Starlight, as you can see in my May TBR.

Now regarding the books I read that weren’t planned, I read:

  1. Kill Joy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #0.5) by Holly Jackson: 5⭐
  2. The Stolen Kingdom by Jillian Boehme: 4⭐ *
  3. We Are the Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian: 2.75⭐ *
  4. Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel: 4.25⭐
  5. Under the Lights (The Field Party #2) by Abbi Glines: 4⭐
  6. A Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern: 2⭐ *
  7. The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune: 5⭐ *
  8. After the Party (The Field Party #3) by Abbi Glines: 4⭐

* I didn’t start these in April, but I finished them this month!

Yes I read A LOT of unplanned books, but I also finished a lot of them. I finally finished The Starless Sea (which was driving me crazy because it felt like it would never end) and other three books I started before April (marked with a *).

So overall I’m very happy with how much reading I did this month! It was a great reading month.

Let me know how your reading month was! Thank you for reading, I’ll see you guys later 🙂


TBR | May 2021

Hello guys!

I’ve been in a reading slump for the past two months, but I’m feeling better and I think I’m (almost) out of it – finally! I think this happened mostly because I was reading books I wasn’t super excited about, but I have finally finished all of them and now I’m excited to start a new month with a brand new TBR!

I’m feeling adventurous and I’m excited to read again, so this month I decided to read 8 books. I couldn’t narrow it down. Am I going to read all of them? Well, I’ll try but we’ll see.

I’m currently in a big thriller/horror mood, so I wanted to take advantage of it this month! Still, I tried to add some variety, so in this list we have 1 historical fiction, 1 science fiction, 1 romance, 1 fantasy and 4 thrillers. It’s probably a lot, yes, but it’s okay if I don’t read them all 🙂 

So, without further ado, here’s my TBR for May!

  1. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
    I read about 70% of this book a few years ago, but I never finished it. It’s not that I wasn’t liking it, but I gradually stopped reading at that time. No one’s fault, but mine! I still remember most of the story and I fell in love with it, so I really want to start again and finish it this time. I already know I’m going to love this!
  2. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
    A good friend of mine lent me this book, and I have it for about two years now – I’m ashamed, I know! I just have so many books I want to read, that this one never became a priority. It’s a huge book and I’m feeling a bit intimidated by it, but I really want to face it this month, so I decided to make it my challenge book. Then I can finally return it to my friend ahah!
  3. A Court of Frost and Starlight (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3.1) by Sarah J. Maas
    Not a lot to say about this one: I’m almost finishing this series, and I may shed a tear or two in the end, not gonna lie! This is a novella that is placed right after the original trilogy, so I think I’ll finish this quickly. I’ll probably read A Court of Silver Flames next month, because I’m really curious about Nesta! The series is really good, so I have no doubt this will be just as amazing.
  4. Little Darlings by Melanie Golding
    I keep seeing Little Darlings EVERYWHERE. I think it’s a really popular book in the U.K., and I really want to know what the hype is all about. Lately I’ve been in a thriller/horror mood, so I’m excited for this one!
  5. If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin
    Another book I’m very excited about! I also don’t know a lot about it other than it’s a popular thriller in the U.K. and I have heard great things about it. I’m very curious to see what it’s all about!
  6. The Night Swim by Megan Goldin
    Another book I’m very curious about! I also don’t know a lot about this one (and I prefer it that way), but I know it was a popular thriller a few months ago, so I’m expecting it to be a good one. The cover is very intriguing as well!
  7. The Good Girls by Claire Eliza Bartlett
    I don’t know why, but I keep looking at this book. I’m just attracted to it, so I’m taking this as a sign and I decided to finally add it to my TBR this month. I don’t know a lot about this one, so I’m going in with an open mind! Aaaand the cover is really pretty.
  8. Sunkissed by Kasie West
    Sunkissed is coming out this month, and I’m not even going to wait to buy a printed copy. I’m definitely buying the ebook just because I want to read it ASAP. I’m really craving a new Kasie West book, so I hope it’s good!

It’s a lot, yes, especially considering two of them are humongous. But this month I just want to focus on books I’m excited about, and this is the list I came up with! 
What about you guys? What are you planning to read next month? Have you read any of these? Let me know!


Review | A Cloud Can Weigh a Million Pounds by A.D. Stephenson

“Just three years ago, someone told me that my sport was broken, twisted and perverted by money. Perhaps that was true; true for the oligarchs and the oil sheikhs and the shady businessman death exploit venerated foul purposes. It has been said by many that those less salubrious days were when football experienced its death knell, that those were the days when football died. It’s nae true, though, for me. It’s nae true for the players, nae true for the fans, nor for those people that love the game. For all of us who care so deeply for our sport, football is about competition, togetherness, unity and community.” 3/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: european football, Oktoberfest, drug tests, a strong Scottish accent, goals, haggis, toxins, stadiums and arm wrestling.

A feeling of lethargy during a cup semi final soon develops into something more sinister for Claston Celts star, Paddy McAlpin. A random drug test post match soon reveals more than he could ever have expected and sets him on a dangerous journey to discover the truth.
In this thrilling and humorous tale we follow the arrogant and talented Paddy McAlpin as he searches for the truth behind the attempt on his life, taking him back to his ignored, if not forgotten roots in Claston’s slums, before setting him on a whirlwind voyage of espionage and peril. Using his strength of body and mind to seize what he needs, he draws closer to the truth, putting himself into greater danger each step of the way.
Throughout his journey, he is forced to take an introspective look and comes to the realisation that there is more to his life than himself.

This is not the kind of book I would usually pick up for myself, but I was surprised with the story after reading it. I had no idea what the book was about because the blurb in the back cover doesn’t give out a lot of information, as well as the title – which made me even more curious to know what the story was even about.

I was surprised to discover this book was actually a mystery (the who-did-it kind of mystery) with a mixture of sport (european football to be exact). I thought it was an unusual combination and I had never read anything like it before, but I thought it was creative and overall it worked out well.

The mystery was well made, intriguing and overall surprising – I admit I wasn’t expecting that plot twist near the end. I just don’t know what to think about a football star investigating his own homicide attempt and traveling around Europe to get answers. I think I found that a bit odd because it wasn’t very realistic, but again, this is a work of fiction so take my opinion with a grain of salt!

I really liked Paddy as the main character. I really liked his personality, accent and the unfortunate (but sometimes funny) situations he put himself to. He feels like a real person with real flaws, real characteristics and a true love for football.

I have to say I really liked the writing. It’s very atmospheric and easy to keep up with! The pacing is good, but there are a few chapters where the story slows down to give some backstory and additional information. The football scenes were very detailed and well explained, and I’m sure readers who love football would love the game scenes! One thing I really liked was how Paddy’s Scottish accent was written in his dialogue. I thought that was a nice touch and it gave him more character, even though I had some difficulty trying to understand what he was saying sometimes. I also appreciate that we get some background information on other characters. Does that mean they will be featured again in the second book in this series?

It has sports, action and a good dose of humor. I think this would be an interesting book for fans of European football and mysteries in general.

A big thank you to the author A.D. Stephenson for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Review | Until Friday Night (The Field Party #1) by Abbi Glines

“In life, we often have to make decisions that aren’t easy. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t right.” 4.25/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: grief, friendship, pick-up trucks, annoying cheerleaders, warm families, jocks, being silent, understanding, football, proud dads and bromances.

To everyone who knows him, West Ashby has always been that guy: the cocky, popular, way-too-handsome-for-his-own-good football god who led Lawton High to the state championships. But while West may be Big Man on Campus on the outside, on the inside he’s battling the grief that comes with watching his father slowly die of cancer.

Two years ago, Maggie Carleton’s life fell apart when her father murdered her mother. And after she told the police what happened, she stopped speaking and hasn’t spoken since. Even the move to Lawton, Alabama, couldn’t draw Maggie back out. So she stayed quiet, keeping her sorrow and her fractured heart hidden away.

As West’s pain becomes too much to handle, he knows he needs to talk to someone about his father—so in the dark shadows of a post-game party, he opens up to the one girl who he knows won’t tell anyone else.

West expected that talking about his dad would bring some relief, or at least a flood of emotions he couldn’t control. But he never expected the quiet new girl to reply, to reveal a pain even deeper than his own—or for them to form a connection so strong that he couldn’t ever let her go…

I recently read this book for the second time, and overall my opinion didn’t change too much from the first time I read this 3 years ago! 

Maggie went to live with her aunts and cousin Brady and due to some very recent trauma, she doesn’t talk. To no one. Brady is assigned by his parents to help her go through the daily challenges of high school. 

I think it’s the perfect kind of romance book you read just to take your mind off real life. The romance felt a bit insta-love (which I did not remember to be completely honest), but it’s nothing out of this world so it didn’t bother me. 

I really like how this series revolves around a group of friends. They are all close to each other and it’s fun to see their interactions – especially Brady and West, since they were best friends and always were together.

I will definitely be reading the entire series soon! Like I said, it’s a very easy, fun book to read if you like high school sports romance books. It’s probably not the most amazing story you will ever read, but it’s entertaining and very fun!


Review | Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

“The bond between a mother and daughter is sacred. You know better than anyone that no matter how awful they are, we still find it in our hearts to love them.” 4.25/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: teeth, poison, surgeries, prison, medicine, feeding tubes, big eyes, makeup, cranberry vodka, wheelchairs, camping, newspapers, eyebrows and lies.

For the first eighteen years of her life, Rose Gold Watts believed she was seriously ill. She was allergic to everything, used a wheelchair and practically lived at the hospital. Neighbors did all they could, holding fundraisers but no matter how many doctors, tests, or surgeries, no one could figure out what was wrong with Rose Gold.

Turns out her mom, Patty Watts, was just a really good liar.

After serving five years in prison, Patty begs her daughter to take her in. The entire community is shocked when Rose Gold says yes. And Rose Gold is no longer her weak little darling…

And she’s waited such a long time for her mother to come home.

This was such a pleasant surprise!

I’m almost 100% sure this is based on Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s true story. If you don’t know, it’s this huge case where Gypsy’s mother Dee Dee claimed her daughter had several serious diseases from the time she was born. But in reality Gypsy was healthy. Her mother made these claims, but she used poison to make her sick, she put her daughter on a wheelchair and fed her through feeding tubes to help convince doctors and the community her daughter was seriously ill. I know Dee Dee was actually sick with Munchausen’s (aka Factitious Disorder), so it was just a really difficult, messed up situation. I’m not a great storyteller, so I think you should Google this case to be better informed! Still, I wonder why the author decided to write a book based on this particular real story?

The mother/daughter relationship in this is incredibly intriguing. Their relationship is very toxic, and the way they talk to each other versus their thoughts was one of my favorite parts of this book. Both Patty (the mother) and Rose Gold were very manipulative, and I like how none of them is supposed to be likeable. Rose Gold was obviously very affected by her childhood, and it is completely normal she felt so much anger towards her mother, but it’s also clear she could be very manipulative to her own good.

I admit I wasn’t expecting this to be a thriller! I was expecting a mystery – and you get that, of course – but the thriller aspect was such a surprise to me. It was very creepy and haunting, and I wasn’t expecting that plot twist!

I’m very impressed with this book and I recommend this to everyone! It was really good and it was a very interesting approach to creating fiction through true-crime. Such a good book!


Review | A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas

“Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.” 4.75/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: paint, delicious food, the market, fancy cutlery, illusions, walls, masks and arrows.

Feyre’s survival rests upon her ability to hunt and kill – the forest where she lives is a cold, bleak place in the long winter months. So when she spots a deer in the forest being pursued by a wolf, she cannot resist fighting it for the flesh. But to do so, she must kill the predator and killing something so precious comes at a price …

Dragged to a magical kingdom for the murder of a faerie, Feyre discovers that her captor, his face obscured by a jewelled mask, is hiding far more than his piercing green eyes would suggest. Feyre’s presence at the court is closely guarded, and as she begins to learn why, her feelings for him turn from hostility to passion and the faerie lands become an even more dangerous place. Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose him forever.

I loved this book so much! Seriously, what took me so long to get into this series?! I know people have a lot of mixed feelings about this book, but I absolutely loved it.
I already read A Court of Mist and Furythe second book on the A Court of Thorns and Roses series – so it’s hard to write a review without thinking about what happened next, but I’ll try my best! The truth is that when I first read this book I loved it with all my heart, and then I read the second book and my feelings for this one were compromised. I know most of the people who read the series and loved it felt the same way.

The best things about this book are the plot itself and the writing. When I first read this book, I fell in love with the romance. Feyre and Tamlin were just meant to be, and I was cheering for them all the way. Not only the romance was great, but the characters were interesting and captivating too. Feyre is an amazing main character. I really love strong main characters and Feyre is exactly that. Even though she’s afraid and she feels weak, she always fights and tries her best in every situation.

Now, the writing… is out of this world. The book is so descriptive and all the scenes made me want to keep reading. I wasn’t bored a single time, but the book was so big I had to read it slowly – because, let’s be honest, it was a normal size book I know I would have read it in one sitting.

Like I said, I already read the first two books, and I’m currently on the third one right now – I really wanted to write the reviews first, but I’m addicted to the story! I think it’s very worth it if you like fantasy books, complex magical stories and a good dose of romance!