Review | Pop Goes the Weasel (Helen Grace #2) by M.J. Arlidge

“The aftermath of rape is like a slow death, a cancer eating away at you from the inside, unwilling to let you go, unwilling to let you live.” 4.25/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: nosy reporters, rekindled romances, difficult bosses, prostitutes, wigs, piercings, revenge, trauma, pain, little kids and open chests.

DI Helen Grace returns in Pop Goes the Weasel, the electrifying new thriller from M. J. Arlidge.

The body of a middle-aged man is discovered in Southampton’s red-light district – horrifically mutilated, with his heart removed.

Hours later – and barely cold – the heart arrives with his wife and children by courier.

A pattern emerges when another male victim is found dead and eviscerated, his heart delivered soon afterwards.

The media call it Jack the Ripper in reverse; revenge against the men who lead sordid double lives visiting prostitutes. For Grace, only one thing is certain: there’s a vicious serial-killer at large who must be halted at all costs…

I’m loving this series! Like I said in the review of the first book, I’m not usually a fan of police investigation mysteries, but this series is surprising me in a very positive way!

The story still follows most of the characters that appeared in the first book Eenie Meenie, and we also have Helen Grace again as the main detective.

The case featured in this book was what really grabbed me to the story! I was so intrigued with the murders and the modus operandi of the killer, that it was difficult to put the book down. The book is very graphic not only sexually but also with violence, so if you’re sensitive to blood and internal organs… you have been warned!

I personally wouldn’t recommend reading this as a standalone because there is a very strong connection to the first book. I’m not talking about the plot itself, but the way the characters are affected by the events of the first book. Even though each book talks about a different case, there is a bigger plot behind it that brings the series together. I tried picturing what it would be like if I read this without reading the first book, and it would be extremely confusing because I wouldn’t understand what they would be talking about most of the time.

I was very satisfied with the end and with the creativity of the plot. It’s not the kind of book where you discover exactly what’s going on and why, so I guarantee you will be surprised with the ending.

I’m definitely continuing the series! I’m loving it so far and I can’t wait to read the next one. Read this book in one sitting!


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