Review | Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

“I think lonely creatures ache for each other because who else can understand but someone who feels the same dark, black abyss?” 3/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: Vegas weddings, grove trees, rosebud cheeks, college degrees, tea houses, cool roommates, podcasts, astronomy, lonely creatures, wedding rings, military parents and therapy.

With her newly completed PhD in astronomy in hand, twenty-eight-year-old Grace Porter goes on a girls’ trip to Vegas to celebrate. She’s a straight A, work-through-the-summer certified high achiever. She is not the kind of person who goes to Vegas and gets drunkenly married to a woman whose name she doesn’t know…until she does exactly that.

This one moment of departure from her stern ex-military father’s plans for her life has Grace wondering why she doesn’t feel more fulfilled from completing her degree. Staggering under the weight of her father’s expectations, a struggling job market and feelings of burnout, Grace flees her home in Portland for a summer in New York with the wife she barely knows.

In New York, she’s able to ignore all the annoying questions about her future plans and falls hard for her creative and beautiful wife, Yuki Yamamoto. But when reality comes crashing in, Grace must face what she’s been running from all along—the fears that make us human, the family scars that need to heal and the longing for connection, especially when navigating the messiness of adulthood.

I’m conflicted about this book. Maybe it’s because it reminded me a lot of Radio Silence by Alice Oseman – which I also didn’t love -, or maybe it’s because I feel like the story had very little substance.

There are three main aspects that stood out to me. The first one was Grace’s coming of age story. From a personal experience, I really get the main characters’ feeling of working hard to finish a college degree and then feeling lost after graduating. It’s a really bad feeling when you can’t find a job and you feel helpless. The bad part is that it was the only thing I could relate to her and her story.

Now the second main aspect: the radio show. Like I said, this book reminded me a lot of Radio Silence because there were so many similarities. The “lonely creatures” thing and the deep podcast aspect (in this case, a radio show) didn’t work for me. I just didn’t buy it or care for it.

And now the grand finale: the romance. To be honest, I was expecting this to be more of a romance other than a coming of age story. Still, if that was the case, it would have been fine. The story starts with the main girl figuring out she just got married the day before in Vegas, and throughout the book she gets to meet her wife and falls more in love with her. Well, this was a problem for me. I don’t know about you, but if something like that would happen to me, I would freak the eff out and I would immediately try to get an annulment/divorce because… I don’t know, maybe I JUST GOT MARRIED TO A STRANGER?

I think I feel conflicted because a big part of the story feels realistic, but the other part is extremely unrealistic. Everything just felt really random and the plot was all over the place. I don’t know… this book was a bit weird to me. I get the coming of age part, but I really feel like even with this insta-love romance and her trying to figure out what to do next, the plot felt… empty.

And am I the only one who thought Grace’s friendships were weird? The way they acted around each other felt unnatural. They were all sleeping (yes, only sleeping from what I understood!) with each other constantly to not feel alone. Well, maybe that’s just me and I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a common thing?

Anyways… not the best book I’ve ever read, but also not the worst. It’s important to keep in mind this is a debut novel.


2 thoughts on “Review | Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

  1. I really enjoyed this book and Grace’s journey, but completely agree about the romance. It felt like it was labeled wrong, which was a huge disappointment. Her friends all sleeping together was definitely a little odd to me, but I decided to give a more sleepover with friends vibe, so it wasn’t as weird to read.

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