Review | Sunkissed by Kasie West

“Sometimes staying in the box we’ve made for ourselves is so easy. It’s comfortable and familiar in there. And a lot of times, the people around us want us to stay in there, too, because that’s how they’ve always known us: in that box. (…) But sometimes we start to change, grow, and the box begins to get small and cramped. And yet, we fight to stay inside because the walls are high and climbing out seems harder than staying.” 4/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: Oreos, bears, bands, bows and arrows, moon circles, songwriting, mobile apps, slides, signs, festivals, popsicles, make-up wipes, fireworks, playlists, bingo nights, videos, followers, spilled coffee and no Wi-Fi.

After being betrayed by her best friend, Avery is hoping for a picture-perfect summer. Too bad her parents have dragged her and her sister to a remote family camp for the entire summer. And that’s not even the worst part. Avery also has to deal with no internet, a cute but off-limits staff member, and an always-in-her-face sister.

But what starts as a disaster turns into a whirlwind summer romance as Avery embarks on an unexpected journey to figure out what she truly wants and who she wants to be.

Another perfect summer book from the amazing Kasie West! I think this may be one of my favorite books from her newer releases (of the last couple of years).

I was really into the camping theme in this one, but I have to say it reminded me a lot of Camp Rock. I don’t know if it was the camp aspect, or the music/songwriting or the shy girl who can sing paired with the rockstar but… it was impossible not to remember the Disney movie. Not a bad thing, just interesting!

I liked the romance, it was cute! I think they had chemistry together but things developed very fast with their relationship. I wouldn’t consider it insta-love, but it all happened very quickly – well, the book is not that long, to be fair. I think they made a cute pair, though!

I also really liked how this book is not only about romance, but also about family bonds. It was nice to see how her relationship with her parents and her sister developed over the summer. It was obvious she didn’t have a very close relationship with her sister because there was a lot of miscommunication and lack of interest in each other’s lives, so it was very satisfying to see them fix their relationship throughout the book. It was definitely my favorite part of the book, to be honest.

If you love cute, fluffy contemporary young adult romances, you really need to check out Kasie West books. I always recommend her. I personally prefer her older books, but I would still recommend her newer ones… and this is one you should definitely try!


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