Review | Depersonalise by MSJ

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I was never
tall enough to reach
the top shelves,
that’s where you
all the good things
seemed to be.
4/5 stars!

Damn I loved that quote I put above.
This is a beautiful collection of poems. There were some poems here that really hit home and I remember feeling some of the things the author is describing when I was younger. The poems regarding how sometimes we feel alone and not good enough for someone are the ones I related to the most. I swear I felt it on my skin when I read them.
I thought the idea of having different artists to make the illustrations was genius and the result was absolutely beautiful. The illustrations gave life to each poem and were a great addition to the collection. I appreciated this very much!
Now, to be completely honest, even though I liked it a lot, I wish the collection wasn’t so short. I would love to see a 100 page work just because it would help me understand the author better.
I think eventually the author will write bigger collections – because she is obviously talented – but for a debut collection of poems, it was pretty good. This one’s for all of those who appreciate and collect beautiful words and beautiful art.

***A big thank you to the author MSJ for the free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review***

xoxo, Neide

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