Review | The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

“Hollowness: that I understand. I’m starting to believe that there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. That’s what I’ve taken from the therapy sessions: the holes in your life are permanent. You have to grow around them, like tree roots around concrete; you mold yourself through the gaps” 3/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: perfect couples, abandoned clothes, tombstones, fake jobs, helpful roommates, drinking problems, blackouts and train rides.

I have to admit I’m kind of disappointed. I honestly didn’t think it was a bad book, but this book was so hyped and everyone under the sun has already read it, so I wanted to read it too. Not only that, but I found the synopsis very interesting!

At first I was excited with the book format. The first few chapters are from the perspective of the “girl on the train” and it is divided in two sections – morning and afternoon – which is the time she was on the train to go to London and then later to come back. During these trips she talks about the perfect couple she has been watching every time the train stops at the red light. She even gave them names and imagined what they did for a living and what they thought – kind of creepy to be honest. Until the day she saw something that was not supposed to happen.

I was super into the book until the perspectives started to change and the train rides were no longer that important. I think if the story was solely told in her perspective during the train rides, it would be a really different, cool book.

Unfortunately I don’t understand the hype. The book itself is not bad and the writing is good, but the plot was predictable and there was nothing special about it. From an early stage I predicted the main “mystery” and I really hoped I was wrong because I wanted to be amazed. With that said, I had a difficult time putting the book down because I really wanted to know what happened next.

Also, I’m noticing a pattern of main female characters with destroyed lives with drinking problems in some thrillers and dramas. Is this a thing?

This was on the top of my to-be-read pile and I really wanted to love this and be amazed, but it was just okay.

xoxo, Neide

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