Review | Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce

“Actions have consequences.” 2.5/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: anonymous text messages, train rides, secret cameras, too many drinks, trolleys, broken frames and blood oranges.

Let me start by saying the two main reasons I decided to buy this book: the cover and the title. I know it’s a shallow reason, but just take a second look at that cover. Slices of orange with blood drips? It is absolutely stunning. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and I knew for sure that I had to read this book. Not only that but the title made me very curious about how an orange can be the main title of a thriller book. In my mind, this was going to be epic!

Oh, but I was wrong. I don’t even know where to start with this review. The book is about a woman named Alison. She is a lawyer and she lives with her 6-year-old daughter and her husband. The thing is that she has a drinking problem, most of the time she is not there for her daughter and to top it all, she is cheating on her husband with a co-worker. There is a parallel plot where Alison is the lawyer responsible for defending a woman accused of killing her husband with a knife. Supposably there should be some mystery around this as well. And well… that’s the story.

I know it sounds like there would be more to the story, but there really isn’t. The writing itself is good, but I found the pacing very slow and the character’s narrative was very repetitive. I can’t even tell how many times she did and told the same things: how she wanted to be a better mother and how she wanted her affair to finish, and yet she continued to drink until blacking out and she kept meeting the other guy. I kept reading the book and I kept wondering when anything interesting and different would happen.

I thought there would be more pages and information about the case that she was working on. But the “big” mystery around it was actually very simple and predictable.

Regarding the characters I wasn’t impressed as well. There was not a single likeable character in this book! And of course, as you can probably tell by now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Alison. She is not a likeable character and she kept telling herself she was going to do better but she never actually made an effort like she thought. I just couldn’t feel sorry for her – and I really tried.

Then the end comes and there is the shocking part of the entire book. I admit I was disturbed and I didn’t see that coming, but it still wasn’t enough to make me like the book. 

I wouldn’t even describe this as a thriller. There is some mystery around the murder that she is investigating and the end is disturbing. Other than that, I didn’t find anything special from this book. But maybe I had high expectations.

But the part that disappointed me the most was the blood orange thing. I mean, c’mon! The book is literally named Blood Orange! I’m not going into much detail on this to not spoil the story, but I’m really disappointed.

I really wanted to love this, but it just wasn’t for me.

xoxo, Neide

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