Review | Undercover Bromance (The Bromance Book Club #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams

“ – You’ve read too many romance novels.
– And you haven’t read enough.”
4.75/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: gold cupcakes, microphone recordings, nightclubs, cheese, feisty roosters, cute twins, stolen recipes, farm animals and sexual harassment.

I’m in love with this series!

I’m usually pickier when it comes to adult romance, and this for me is the whole package for an amazing story. The romance was amazing, the banter made me smile throughout the book, the steaminess was on point and even though it’s a lighter romance novel, it still has some depth to it.

In this book, we follow the love story of Mack – a book club member – and Thea’s sister, Liv! I personally think this sequel is just as good as the first book The Bromance Book Club. The main difference between both stories is that the first one is lighter and the focus is on the couple, and second story is not focused on the romance but on sexual harassment. Still, I really liked how Mack and Liv were so different that they actually worked in a perfect way. Liv is a very independent, strong woman that doesn’t open her heart for anyone, and Mack is a very caring and protective man. It just works!

You can read this book without reading the first one, but if you can you should definitely pick the first one before going into this. Not only because you’ll understand the characters and the origin of the Bromance Book Club better, but also because the first story is so incredible and worthy to be read.

I would definitely recommend this series for a romance lover. I can’t wait for the third book coming out in October!

xoxo, Neide

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