Review | They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

“But no matter what choices we make – solo or together – our finish line remains the same… No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end.” 2/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: diners, “mad bravery”, last friends, bikes, the police, Instagram posts and pictures.

I’m so disappointed with this book… it was so boring!

When I first saw this book in my local bookstore I fell in love with the cover and I was intrigued by the title. I didn’t know what the story was about, but that title stuck with me – seriously, who are they and do they actually die in the end? Long story short: it’s been on my mind for a while now, so I decided to finally pick it up.

The main reason why I’m not giving this a lower rating is because I actually like the writing and the concept. I thought the idea of having a service that calls you on your death day to notify you is very interesting! You have the possibility to see what the characters would do on that day knowing that at some point they were going to die. With that said, that was the only thing I found interesting. I thought the book was VERY slow paced and nothing interesting really happened. The beginning and end were okay, but I had to drag myself to go through the book.

It kind of reminds me of Nicola Yoon’s The Sun is Also A Star because the entire book is also set in a single day and you know something bad is going to happen later in that day. Which gives you a very sad, nostalgic feeling while reading.

The characters were okay, I liked the main duo’s dynamic and they definitely brought out the best in each other. They were likeable characters but there was nothing special about them. I liked Mateo’s best friend and her daughter, she was probably my favorite character of the book.

I feel like the purpose of this book is to make you think about death and to live your life like it’s the last day on Earth, but the story didn’t work for me. I didn’t care for their stories, or their insta-love or even what they did to feel alive on their last day. Overall, I was not impressed.

xoxo, Neide

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